Xbox One Hack – current status & news

If you own a XBox One and are looking for the latest information on an Xbox One hack, you’ve come to the right page.

We maintain this page with up to date data about ongoing Xbox One hacks, we tell you which piece of information is real or not, so you don’t have to figure it out yourself.

Xbox One hack: current status

Finding an Xbox One hack is not an easy task, and lots of hacking teams or websites would like to claim that victory. For many reasons, news websites will rehash old fake stories or hoaxes, in order to make you believe they have a hack for the Xbox one. Other, more malicious, sites, will go as far as pretending they have the hack, asking you to fill a survey in order to download the hack. By the time you realize there’s no such thing, you have already wasted your time filling up a survey, and they’ve been paid for your time. So beware of false claims.

An Xbox exploit was released in March 2017 for consoles running firmware 10.0.14393.2152 and below. This is a usermode exploit and not a full Jailbreak.

Xbox One hack – real exploits/news

The Nyko Charge base for Xbox One controllers

The Nyko Charge base for Xbox One controllers


Xbox One Hack - SDK leak

Xbox One hack – fake exploits/news

208 Responses

  1. John says:

    That is why I have no doubt and always notice, Playstation are hackers and NERD gamers best friend. XBOX ONE are for lame Multiplayer who just want to play in multiplayer and new gamers. I love my XBOX 360 but not XBOX ONE. I had started playing games since ATARI, GAME and WATCH, Game BOY, SEGA Megadrive, Saturn, NES, Game CUBE, then what I love are PS to PS2. Shifted to XBOX 360 since it can preferably outweigh ps3 usefulness in terms of price. Now I have XBOX One and planning to Disposed it. PS4 outshines it in terms of its usefulness later. I use my XBOX 360 as my AIO entertainment device, but if I have more than enough money, Id rather by the highest specifications of gaming RIG PC or a cheaper PS4.

    • Captain Underpants says:

      Why do you SCREAM sometimes but not OTHERS?

    • Wooty says:

      The “modern” mod-scene started with the Xbox, and then went on to Crack the PowerPC derived Xbox 360 with hypervisor security and efuses. The PS3 was an incredible system yet it had more security flaws, making it easier to hack and exploit.

      The PS4 has been cracked and has a very small mod scene compared to other consoles (Switch, Wii, possibly OG Xbox, etc) due to the explot being wiped every update.

      Some would argue the best hackers are the ones that have the harder puzzles to cracked, and as of right now the Xbox One is the ultimate hackers prize.

    • Dark John says:

      You SOUND like a ***.

    • Reno says:

      If you had money lol

  2. Branden says:

    Why does Xbox need HDMI cable

  3. Dimitrismiz says:

    Hack volume 900000

  4. Basim says:

    Luckyboneys stole my freindship

  5. John says:

    yusuf gaming 2k17

  6. Being an Electrician in Toronto i chose gaming as my hobby its really helpful for me to get the stress out from my body.

  7. Jonny metcalf says:

    22 GB of memory not shown when checking space. Was signed in and out randomly. Safe to say I have been hacked? Feel like smashing system. Preferably over who’s responsibles head. Really hard. 40 year old ex-con that will drop that ex just like I would the hacker. Dgaf.

    • SuperHacker says:

      Dafuq, everytime something doesn’t work, people immediately assume they were hacked… You should better smash your system anyways, even though an Xbox can’t be hacked in any way whatsoever.

  8. bakht says:

    Its already hacked boys. just wondering why is not available on internet

  9. Gamerboy509 says:

    I was going to try to hack into Microsoft Corp but i found this interesting story about the teens who hacked into Microsoft Corp and went to far this change my mind

  10. Gamerboy509 says:

    You should read it

  11. Kman says:

    How do I make it so I can have a custom status where it says I’m online?

  12. Dawserdoos says:

    Is there somebody I can talk to for a theory on a possible xbox one exploit?

    • Wolf Hacks says:

      Me, I have a theroy amd so far it is working just as planed if you would like to buy the bete version I would be glad to sell it to you or anyone here.

  13. Wolf says:

    That’s what happens when the mothers do not breastfeed the children.
    Please give the idiots Mothermilk and they have more love in his life.
    I hope you cana understand what i mean, my english is not the best ….

  14. Excellent blog post. I certainly love this website. Keep it up!|

  15. MAD KIWI says:

    Waiting for updates!!!

  16. ghovjnjv says:

    EP4fjJ0z’ OR 511=(SELECT 511 FROM PG_SLEEP(12))–

  17. t3hyoshi says:

    Hacking an Xbox One or a Series system isn’t necessary anymore, seeing as Dev Mode is a few clicks away for anyone to access. The trouble is now finding homebrew to run. Currently, the only thing that comes to mind is RetroArch.

      • t3hyoshi says:

        Dev Mode, a built-in development mode on the Xbox designed at hobbyists and developers making homebrew applications. There is an application that allows you to switch within the Microsoft Store and you will need a developer account with Microsoft, but it’s there.

  18. qeNtfPNC says:


  19. julio says:

    I want to hack I’m worse on so I could shoot people out of this guy

  20. Sohbet says:

    nice to share, thank you

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