VHBL For Motorstorm Arctic Edge

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What is it?

Vita Half-Byte Loader is a project to port the PSP homebrew loader HBL to the Playstation Vita, through the PSP emulator on the Playstation Vita.

This is the official VHBL download page for people who own a copy of the PSP Game Motorstorm Arctic Edge (also known as Motorstorm Raging Ice). If you don’t own this game, go back to the VHBL page to see if we have a version of VHBL working with a game you own.

Check the VHBL page for more details on this tool.


The latest version of VHBL for Motorstorm Arctic Edge is r141. The Archive contains the loader for all versions of the game (choose the one that matches your country when you unzip the archive)

How to Install and Run HBL on Motorstorm Arctic Edge

  • It is *strongly* recommended that you turn of all wireless connections on your PS Vita, and that you use OpenCMA on your PC instead of the regular CMA. This is recommended because otherwise your console has a way to force you to upgrade the firmware even before you get a chance to use the exploit.
  • Extract the Folder matching your country from this HBL archive in your CMA PSP Savedata folder. It is a folder on your PC named PSSAVEDATA/[lots of random characters here]. If you don’t know where it is, check your settings in CMA
  • Connect your PS Vita to the PC through the CMA, it should give you the possibility to copy the savedata from your PC to the Vita. If not, you probably extracted it in the wrong folder. (Note: You will also want to install some homebrews with a similar technique, read the section below)
  • To run HBL, start the Motorstorm game, select “Load” in the savegame menu, open the HBL savegame, then go to “Wreckreation > Time Attack” and select “No”. At this point, HBL should start. See the video below for details:

How to Install and Run Homebrews

Installing homebrews on the PSP was an easy task. On the Vita, until better solutions are provided, it’s quite a pain in the ***.
The CMA will only let you copy savedata, and will not recursively browse folders.

To address this, HBL comes with a tool that can extract archives with a specific structure.

Packaging the homebrew for installation on the Vita:
1) download PSP homebrews from your favorite website
2) extract the homebrew somewhere on your hard drive, and with your favorite utility, zip it again with the *store* setting (no compression), in a file that you will name “install.zip”
3) take any PSP savedata (but not the one used for HBL!), and add the “install.zip” to that folder, in your PC CMA folder. so your PSP Savedata will look something like this:
in folder PSSAVEDATA/1a2b3c4def5678/UCUS12345000/ (or something like this) you will have the following files:
– ICON0.png
– PIC1.png
– DATA.bin
– install.zip

Here you can download an example of packaged homebrew: Doom

1) run OpenCMA on your PC, and CMA on your Vita
2) copy the previously packaged SAVEDATA (see above) with your homebrew in “install.zip” on your Vita
3) run HBL (how to run HBL is explained in the previous section)
4) navigate with the HBL menu to the SAVEDATA folder, then go to the folder you just downloaded (in my example, UCUS12345000), and clikc cross or circle on it
5) At this point, the HBL menu should ask you if you want to install the homebrew. select yes, and wait until HBL is done extracting your homebrew
6) The homebrew is now installed, and you can run it by going to the GAME folder, if everything went well, a new subfolder with your homebrew has been created here, and you can run the homebrew

Need more help? Check our forums for more downloads and tutos

Older versions

Compatibility problems? Want to try an older version of VHBL? Check the Motorstorm VHBL Download archive


OpenCMA is strongly recommended to install if you want to use VHBL. Open CMA is a tool by Virtuous Flame that allows you to copy files from and to your vita without being connected to the internet. This is useful, especially if you don’t want Sony to forcefully update your firmware.

Looking for homebrews that run on VHBL? Check this list of 15 essential homebrews that run fine with VHBL

7 Responses

  1. J says:

    Picodrive now works without crashing when you try to change ROM’s 🙂 awesome update thanks!

  2. brad jarvis says:

    i doawnloaded the motorstorm arctic ewdge game and every vhbl ive tryed hasnt worked . i was wondering if you knew annother way of getting lamecraft on to the vita,
    many thanks brad.

    • wololo says:

      You are late to the party. The motorstorm exploit was patched 8 months ago. We had another similar release for monster hunter, but it was patched this week. Follow this blog more regularly for the next update 😉

  3. Powerking230 says:

    I have firmware 1.81 and motorstorm artic edge i missed the urbanix and mad blocker cfw could i try this exploit wih fw 1.81? Thx

  4. -X-77 says:

    Hey, wololo. I have the eCFW for MH, but it doesnt load up all homebrews, like my sega genesis emulator, picodrive. Could it be possible to install a motorstorm iso for my eCFW then load up vhbl with it? Vits’s running on ofw 1.80. I just want more homebrew loading options if others fail. Thanks in advance.

  5. asad says:

    Link kırık

  1. May 23, 2012

    […] some of them can probably, with a bit of work. None of them is as “easy” as it was for Motorstorm or Everybody’s Tennis. Super Collapse itself was not a piece of cake (and as a result, has […]

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