VHBL For Apache Overkill

What is it?

Vita Half-Byte Loader is a project to port the PSP homebrew loader HBL to the Playstation Vita, through the PSP emulator on the Playstation Vita.

This is the official VHBL download page for people who own a copy of the PSP Game Apache Overkill, and a firmware 2.06 or lower. If you don’t own this game, or have a higher firmware, go back to the VHBL page to see if we have a version of VHBL working with a game you own.

Check the VHBL page for more details on this tool.


Choose the file that matches your version of the game:

How to Install and Run HBL on Apache Overkill

  • It is *strongly* recommended that you turn of all wireless connections on your PS Vita, and that you use OpenCMA on your PC instead of the regular CMA. This is recommended because otherwise your console has a way to force you to upgrade the firmware even before you get a chance to use the exploit.
  • Extract the HBL archive matching your version of the game in your CMA PSP Savedata folder. It is a folder on your PC named PSSAVEDATA/[lots of random characters here]. If you don’t know where it is, check your settings in CMA
  • Connect your PS Vita to the PC through the CMA, it should give you the possibility to copy the savedata from your PC to the Vita. If not, you probably extracted it in the wrong folder. (Note: You will also want to install some homebrews with a similar technique, read the section below)
  • To run HBL, start the game, then go to “High Scores”. At this point, VHBL should start

How to Install and Run Homebrews

Installing homebrews on the PSP was an easy task. On the Vita, until better solutions are provided, it’s quite a pain in the ***.
The CMA will only let you copy savedata, and will not recursively browse folders.

To address this, HBL comes with a tool that can extract archives with a specific structure.

Packaging the homebrew for installation on the Vita:
1) download PSP homebrews from your favorite website
2) extract the homebrew somewhere on your hard drive, and with your favorite utility, zip it again with the store setting (no compression), in a file that you will name “INSTALL.ZIP” (uppercase is important). If your compression tool does not have compression options, I recommend 7zip.
3) take any PSP savedata (but not the one used for HBL!), and add the “INSTALL.ZIP” to that folder, in your PC CMA folder. so your PSP Savedata will look something like this:
in folder PSSAVEDATA/1a2b3c4def5678/UCUS12345000/ (or something like this) you will have the following files:

On this page you will find several pre-packaged homebrews that have already been prepared to run with VHBL.

1) run OpenCMA on your PC, and CMA on your Vita
2) copy the previously packaged SAVEDATA (see above) with your homebrew in “INSTALL.ZIP” on your Vita
3) run HBL (how to run HBL is explained in the previous section)
4) navigate with the HBL menu to the SAVEDATA folder, then go to the folder you just downloaded (in my example, UCUS12345000), and click cross or circle on it
5) At this point, the HBL menu should ask you if you want to install the homebrew. select yes, and wait until HBL is done extracting your homebrew
6) The homebrew is now installed, and you can run it by going to the GAME folder, if everything went well, a new subfolder with your homebrew has been created here, and you can run the homebrew

Need more help? Check our forums for more downloads and tutos


OpenCMA is strongly recommended to install if you want to use VHBL. Open CMA is a tool by Virtuous Flame that allows you to copy files from and to your vita without being connected to the internet. This is useful, especially if you don’t want Sony to forcefully update your firmware.

Looking for homebrews that run on VHBL? Check this thread with dozens of tested and pre-packaged homebrews.
Alternatively, check this list which contains a series of homebrews that have been tested on this specific version of VHBL.

89 Responses

  1. Jhonny says:

    Vamos começar 😀

  2. Saitek says:

    Thanks, was waiting for this.

  3. knipknap says:

    hey bro when i star apach overkill i get a message this game will autmatically sace date at certain points. I press x but then the game starts up:S Help please and thank you for this crack:D

  4. knipknap says:

    Lol i pressed on highscroe but i get a inorging list :S

  5. knipknap says:

    c1-2858-3 Getting a error when i click on the psavedata and click on the file in vhbl

    • wololo says:

      Which version, US or EU? Can you check on the forum if other people are running into the same issue? Usually when only one person has the problem, the problem is not with the save, but a mistake is always possible on our end, so I want some confirmation.

      First of all, try to copy the savedata again, reboot your Vita, and see if it helps

      • knipknap says:

        I followed the video of djgodmandj on youtube and i did everything what he did:S i’ve i reboot that wil mean that the mini game apache overkill will be deleted righ?, First dropt 6b108bfe9f62d427 C:\Users\user\Documents\PS Vita\PSavegame
        Then i started the cma on me vita also on the pc. And application and clicked on psp /other and clicked then on apache overkill, Then i started the game clicked on highscore, And then clicked on .. and then i clicked on savedata and then on npez00184profile then i return in the menu ms0:/psp/game/ i click on npez00184 with x. Then nothing happend then i click again then i get the error (c1-2858-3)

      • Nick says:

        I got picodrive working on apache but I can’t get any roms to show up I loaded all the bios in main folder. Any suggestions?

  6. BenRox247 says:

    FOr some reason it won’t let me copy my save file to my Ps Vita. The file shows up on my vita but it’s called COrrupted file. Is that what it’s supposed to be called (P.S, I’m new to this kind of stuff so that’s why I’m so noobish XD)

  7. Epic says:

    VHBL refuses to extract anything :/
    I’m trying to get PSP filer working but it does nothing the first time I say install, the second it just says “6 Remaining Files” and stays that way until I reset…
    I’m using the EU version btw.

    • wololo says:

      Be sure that the “INSTALL.ZIP” file is set to NO compression. The behavior you describe is typical from a zip file that is compressed, which wMenu does not support, sadly

  8. Evo_ExiLe says:

    Hi i followed the steps correctly but i cannot see the install.zip file on my ps vita. please help.

  9. mufferah says:

    Need help, are there any videos so we can all have instructions

  10. Rinoy Macwan says:

    Hey..i have only one SAVEDATA folder..what do i do?where do i copy my homebrews??plz hepl..plzzz

  11. Anatoly says:

    Vita sees all good copy, but I can not find the folder UCUS12345000 in the menu VHBL. HELP!

  12. REMF says:


    error (c1-2858-3)

  13. Scott says:

    So far for me:
    SnakeSP v7.1
    Doesn’t work:
    Everything else I’ve cared to try.

  14. CDogg76 says:

    Is there a working SNES emulator for 2.06? If so where can i download it? Thanks in advance!!

  15. knipknap says:

    I used the •VHBL Apache Overkill europa version And i’m also getting th error (c1-2858-3) So this is a problem so i could confirm this remf Also got this problem. I will explain what i’m doning, I put the ••VHBL Apache Overkill
    in the C:\Users\user\Documents\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\6b108bfe9f62d427 2☻ i start up me vita thats connected with me pc and yea copie the files from the savedata intro me ps vita 3☻ I start up the game clicked on score and loading 4☻ then i’m in a menu called
    mso:/psp/game/ ther ar 3 options [… <— THis one and NPEZ00184 <– Thats the thing that i have inserted and ULES01347. I've i click on Npez00184 or ULES01347 Then i will get a error called (c1-2858-3) And the game crash. So please help us 😉 Also i think Remf got this problem,

    • REMF says:

      same problem. open the file install homebrew and crash. error (c1-2858-3)

      • Jade F says:

        I also have the error c1-2858-3
        But watching this video
        I find that I do not have all the lines, but
        ms0 :/ PSP /
        and it is
        It lacks most
        VITA HBL
        and the rest may be less important
        How is this done?
        Is that my problem is not there?

        • wololo says:

          Your problem is not here. If you can see the vhbl menu, which you do, then vhbl works fine. Your error is related to a specific homebrew, you should try other homebrews or other versions of that homebrew.

          • Jade F says:

            Can you tell me which is compatible to that I also tested.
            I use EU version living in France.
            thank you

  16. RavenMac says:

    I’ve been waiting for this since the UNO PSP game was removed from the PSN. I accidently deleted the game from the vita without backing the game up. It’s not as great as that exploit, but it’s a start. Thanks!

  17. REMF says:

    follow this


    i dont get error now

    thanks z

  18. knipknap says:

    Thank you REMF! But yea could someone show me then how i set the emulator on it…

  19. tylertm420 says:

    how do i get the orijinal copy of apachee overkill its not on the psn store i cant find it

  20. decius says:

    I was able to get PicoDrive, Block Dude, NesterJ, Brick Game, snes9xTYL after a user submitted fixed H.bin, VHBL R16(3). It runs, I’m missing some directories in VHBL 2.06 – I don’t have a theme folder/system/VHBL… not that it matters but my VHBL doesn’t look like The Z’s vhbl in his 2.06gba fix video.

    I have yet to switch programs from winrar to 7zip. Make sure you can see the extenstion of files in Windows>Folder Options.

    Make sure OpenCMA’s files have been placed in the correct directories, make sure the .bat is ran under admin. Right click “Run File as Administrator”. Run CMA.

    Make sure the PSSAVEDATA folder doesn’t contain 2 PS Vita ID Folders lol, Make sure you check out SMOKE’s thread for already to copy, cma friendly Homebrew/Emulators.

    The scene is working its fixes so scower the wololo talk forums for (un)official fixes.

    • wololo says:

      Now I’m the one wishing there was a way to give a “+1” or a “like” on the comments on my own blog 😛

      Thanks for the detailed information decius. People, read decius’s comment above me, it answers 99% of the issues people are having running VHBL.

      • decius says:

        When installing homebrew, VHBL moves the files from MS0:/PSP/Savedata, to MS0:/PSP/Game. While that’s awesome – for some reason emulators when copied over don’t move the roms contained in the INSTALL.ZIP.

        When I launch NesterJ, I’m able to find the directories in ms0:/psp/game/NesterJ. But No roms. It’s not until I browse over to the ms0:/psp/savedata/NesterJ/INSTALL.ZIP spot where the emulator launches the .ZIP because I copied only one rom…. is VHBL extracting the INSTALL.ZIP for emulators wrong as they don’t contain a ROM directory after install,yes I packaged them in the INSTALL.ZIP before CMAing them over to the vita. I know you don’t personally have this installed but yeah maybe it’s just my install.

  21. Skyrim says:

    I’m with a problem, when I try copy save game, nothing hapen, i’m using cma 5.0, i make a video, if any1 can see and tell me what i need do to install Gpsp. thanks

  22. J says:

    Can someone hook me up with a copy of the game?

  23. sky says:

    how add roms, i have snes working, but not roms

  24. sky says:

    when i copy ziped homebrow from TheZ I can install with no work, but, when i’m zip mys files, dont work the install

  25. REMF says:

    Now, i got my VHBL running and snes homebrew… here is the final question…

    how to put games on it..

    please help…

  26. Suikerspin says:

    hihihihi i have the homebrew snes but when i start it up its saying starting_meanthread and then i’m getting this inorging error 🙂 i go try something else:D

  27. sky says:

    snes and gba working

  28. Suikerspin says:

    Cspsp Is working not snes But yeaa nvm:P

  29. knipknap says:

    Yea Cspsp is working without any errors and also atari 800 is working. Snes9xtyl and pspquake arent working;-)

  30. skyrim says:

    i’m playing snes

  31. REMF says:

    can someone here please instruct us newbies step by step on how we can play the game or how can we put it on snes emulator. we got the chbl ans snes running but we cant see any games.

  32. knipknap says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcibvoK-c9Q This is the link you all need 100% Explain how you set games on your psp + Homebrew + Links For downloads!

  33. REMF says:


    Nester_AoEX – works perfect running on vhbl and playing nes games.

    PicoDrive – works perfect running on vhbl and md games running but sounds cutting.

  34. Frogmonkeycloaka says:

    Hey, does anybody know how to get lame craft working on this? thanks!

  35. Skyrim says:

    any N64 working?

  36. Maka says:

    Please help me, I only have one pspsavedata folder (the one with random character)So I install the VHBL on that folder and it work. But now I want to install a gbapsp and the guide said that I need to put it in another random character folder. But the prblem is I only have onefolder and I dont have any other psp game. pls tell me what I should do/ Thaks

  37. Chanly says:

    i got the apaches overkill on my game saved data but it show no icon on home screen how to fix it?

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    […] Wololo a mis en ligne le fichier VHBL pour le jeu Apache Overkill sur son site que vous pouvez donc télécharger à l’adresse suivante. […]

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