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Trying to install an eCFW-Exploitable game failed

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Trying to install an eCFW-Exploitable game failed

Post by hensen »

Hey everyone!

I've got a problem here which just drives me crazy!
So, I have a PS Vita on FW 3.01 and want to install TN-V on it, but no matter what I try, I can't find a way to get the exploitable game (Numblast) onto the device.
I can't sign in to my PSN account because I'm asked to update the FW (and because I'm not signed in, I can't use the "Download Queue Trick") and neither the Charles Proxy trick nor the Vita Update Blocker seems to be working.
Oh, and before I forget: I don't own or control a PS3 so the tutorial "Higher PS Vita Firmwares for Dummies" doesn't help me either.

Well, if anyone has an idea, help me out here please!
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