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(Henkaku) Tai folder plugins txt compromised, can't access memory card. HELP!!!

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(Henkaku) Tai folder plugins txt compromised, can't access memory card. HELP!!!

Post by RagahRagah »

So I acquired a Vita a few years ago with Henkaku/Homebrew and hacked it to high heck. The recommended memory card did not have nearly enough space for everything I wanted so I bought a very high capacity one that I had to go through a special process for to be able to use it with the Vita (with sd2vita, IIRC) and it was an extremely grueling process that infuriated me to no end until I finally managed to figure it out.

Now I tried to install a program and its plugin that would allow me to view my PS Vita on my PC. I followed the directions that were given by a well-known YouTuber. I can swear that I followed the directions correctly but regardless of whether I did or not the process required putting a new plugin into the txt file in the tai folder. Somehow it ended up completely altering my txt file and basically seems like it erased on my plugins.

Now I'm essentially back to square one with my Vita and I can't access any of the hacks, let alone the molecular shell to attempt to fix everything. It's been numerous years since I went through the process of hacking this thing and I don't have any recollection of how to redo it.

Am I scr..ed here? Is there a way that I can undo this and get back into the txt file to fix everything? Problem is, even if I could I have no idea where to start or what plugins I actually had because it's been years since I edited this thing. Is there anyway I can simply undo what has been done here?

I'm really hoping someone can tell me there's a miracle fix here because otherwise I don't know if mentally I can handle redoing this entire process again. Especially seeing as I have so much data and so much downloaded onto this thing.


P.S. - I always did everything via molecular shell and filezilla, never Windows Explorer or Vita shell.
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