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Replacing analog stick [OPEN]

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Replacing analog stick [OPEN]

Post by Haruspex »

Yo guys

To explain the situation (you can skip to the below paragraph for the question if you like) : My left analog stick on my vita PCH-1003 broke a few weeks ago, I lost left and right movement but not up and down. I ordered a replacement (it is for series 1000 analogs) but it took soooo long because of corona. Now it has arrived, I replaced it and it is totally unresponsive. I have switched the old analog back in and it still has up and down movement, so I know I did not break any connections during the process. So it seems there are two possibilities, either the part is faulty or the vita rejects this new analog for some reason. Now the vita does have cfw. I am feeling quite impatient because of how long it took so I don't want it to be faulty tbh. Are there any knowledgeable people who could tell me about this?

The question : could the vita reject an analog based on perhaps the wrong model type (are there any differences between the series 1000 analogs?) , and can cfw interfere with accepting a new analog?
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Re: Replacing analog stick [OPEN]

Post by Taronish3 »

Have your tried a Ofw reinstall via usb PC cma recovery method cause ones i had a pch-1001 & it right analog stop for hours I reinstalled ofw From PC in recovery and it work for me. But I had a TN-v at that time.
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