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I love my PSPgo

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I love my PSPgo

Post by DiegoMaxwell » Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:31 pm

When I was in high school, I had the choice of a DS or a PSP. Despite having no real interest in Playstation games and rather liking Nintendo games, I got the PSP. I did it mainly for its modding potential.
I played it throughout high school and early university before putting it away and moving on.
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A year ago I found myself in a country with a public transportation that I had to take on semi-regularly basis. I'm talking 2-3 hour bus rides that I had to take once every two weeks or so.
While I do try to be productive and read, write, or prepare on these bus trips, there's only so much work you can do before you need break.
I decided to buy a PSP because of the modding potential, allowing me to play games for 10-15 minute sessions before continuing to work.
I chose the go because it is more portable (genuinely fits in a pocket) and comes with built in memory (sticks are somewhat expensive).
I ended up paying 40 usd for it used and have been really enjoying myself.
The great thing about retro games is that you can make meaningful progress in a short amount of times so it always feels like you're getting somewhere.

It's increased my productivity and made otherwise dull bus rides rather fun, which has been more than worth the 40 usd investment!

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