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Troubleshooting PS4 proxy server

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Troubleshooting PS4 proxy server

Post by ranger_lennier »

I'm trying out the PS4 proxy server guide here: ... kfu-pr0xy/

It all sounded very simply, but of course several hours later I still didn't have a connection.

First off, I want to make sure I'm using the right IP address. I think it's defaulting to an internal IP address starting with 169.252. Should I instead use the public IP address I'd get from, for example, checking here?

Or is that just the router IP address and I need some sort of static IP address for my PC?

How can I tell if the port is open? I entered that public IP address and port 8080 into this site, and it timed out.

I wonder if I need to do some sort of port forwarding on the router. It's a Netgear C6300.

Or maybe Windows 10 is messing something up. I did try disabling the firewall in Windows Defender and it still didn't work.

Is there an alternative way to set up a proxy server on my PC that would be easier? It seems like the Pr0xy program is no longer in development. The website isn't even up anymore.
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