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[RELEASE] PSP RIN 1.32 Rewind Mod v2.0 (GB/GBC emulator)

Running old school games on your PSP? It's definitely possible
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[RELEASE] PSP RIN 1.32 Rewind Mod v2.0 (GB/GBC emulator)

Post by Papiex » Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:33 pm

I’ve been using fantastic RM mod (by DaveX) of Mr. Mirakichi’s RIN 1.32 ,for almost 10 years. It’s really great and compatible gb/gbc emulator, and rewind is a very cool feature, especially fur such old timers like me :) But rewind length is not configurable (capped to 5MB), it is missing support for extra memory available in newer PSP models, also there are few irritating bugs (like crashes after changing games). So I decided to dig up the sources from old Japanese forums, give it some love and put on Github.

What's new:
  • Sources ported to latest PSP SDK,
  • Added dedicated menu for rewind,
  • Adjustable memory and states amount in rewind,
  • Support for extra memory (PSP Slim and higher, PS Vita with Adrenaline),
  • Progress bar for actual rewind status,
  • Credits screen :),
Bug fixes: The latest release can be found on Github . Hopefully someone would find it useful. If anyone has an idea for improvement or find a bug, feel free to fill in an issue on Github , I’ll be more than happy to have some more fun with this lovely software :)

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Re: [RELEASE] PSP RIN 1.32 Rewind Mod v2.0 (GB/GBC emulator)

Post by dutiusss » Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:50 pm

Its possible add fullscreen scanline mode?

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