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Really didn't know where else to post this.

So ever since I brought the secondary henkaku DNS server back (sorry about taking it down but amazon *** me off at the time) and /u/idumpvitastuff over on Reddit asked I add update blocking for other PS consoles. I had a bit of an idea, and I've been working on it on and off whenever I found some spare time to experiment.

I've put together a little Portal for PSX consoles, sort of a homepage you can use to get around quick and whatnot. It isn't really finished yet but it can be used somewhat. Eventually, when it's finished I'll throw it all together into a means of quick deployment for people who want to host their own without jumping through all the hoops of setting up.

For now, the IP for the DNS server is and if you have that set on your device, you can access the portal with http://psx/
Suggestions are welcome of course just keep in mind I'm only doing this in my spare time.

For those not wanting to use the DNS server, you can still get to the portal with either the IP address or by going to

EDIT: Yes I also intend to make it a responsive website to zoom in on bigger/smaller screens, but I haven't touched bootstrap in a while so I'm refreshing myself on it.
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