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Implementing the "Adieu" exploit - collaboration thread

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Implementing the "Adieu" exploit - collaboration thread

Post by wololo »

I was honestly expecting a working implementation of the "Adieu" exploit to be released within hours of the Fail0verflow announcement. Maybe I badly overestimated the amount of hackers who were holding off releasing that thing.

Now I'm worried that everyone's waiting on SpecterDev to release his work, when he has explicitly said that he "might" release something but encourages people to work on their own implementation. In order for people to have a place to share their progress if they want to, I'm setting up this thread.

As long as you are a dev trying to figure the "Adieu" exploit, everything goes, feel free to ask your questions, and provide answers, but remember that this is a forum for people who want to discuss development, not for people to ask for release dates!

Existing information:
- Webkit entry point required to run the exploit. Qwerty's exploit is available, most up to date fork is @AN0NY420's one. More info here.
- psxhax have a good tuto (translated from French site modconsoles) on how to run the usermode exploit locally on a windows machine.
- Information on the kernel exploit: Fail0verflow's writeup - SpecterDev's writeup

Other links:
- How to get your hands on a PS4 running firmware 4.05 or less
- How to update PS4 to a specific firmware
If you need US PSN Codes, this technique is what I recommend.

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Re: Implementing the "Adieu" exploit - collaboration thread

Post by 0xdeadbeef »

Is anyone even attempting this?

I’d like some help from someone more experienced then me with the PS4. Obviously the exploit isn’t just a plug and play solution, what are some objects I can try and use with the exploit?

Any information is greatly appreacated.
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