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[Tutorial] Installing VPKs without a FTP server

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[Tutorial] Installing VPKs without a FTP server

Post by Ac!dGears »

For whatever reason, I could not connect a FTP server to move VPKs to Henkaku on the Vita. As a result, I've found an alternative method that isn't very difficult. I'm not sure if I'm truly the first to discover this method, but I don't think anyone else has made a tutorial on this, so I want to see if I can help anyone.

-OCMA: This replaces some of the files in CMA (Content Manager Assist) so that you can transfer files from your PC to Vita without requiring you to be on the latest update.
-A PSP Save File: You're going to need one that will be fairly easy to find on your PC and Vita. It doesn't matter what game it is as long as you can transfer it between your PC and Vita.
-7zip: (optional) You might want a program that can package files into a ZIP file.
-Your VPKs: You want Homebrew, right?

1. First, you're going to want to install OCMA. The instructions for this are in the link. Make sure it's working properly by connecting your Vita to the PC. If it connects without asking for an update then you have success.

2. Find the VPKs you want. If you have 7zip, then you can right click over all your VPKs and add them to an archive. Make sure to rename your new ZIP to an all caps name.
For example: HOMEBREW.ZIP
Alternatively, you can rename each VPK individually to all caps.

3. Find your PSP Save data on your PC. It should be located at /Documents/PS Vita/PSAVEDATA/
You need to copy and paste your ZIP or VPK inside this save data (Reminder that your ZIP or VPK needs to be all caps or else it won't transfer to your Vita).

4. Connect your Vita to your PC via USB cable and transfer the PSP save data that you just put your ZIP or VPK in to the Vita.

5. Using Molecular Shell, you will need to find the PSP Save File. It should be located at ux0:/pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/
Find out which Save file has the ZIP or VPKs inside. From here, you can install the VPKs or move the VPKs out of the ZIP file. It is recommended to move these files to ux0:/data/ but at this point it's up to you where you want to keep the VPKs.

I hope this tutorial helps someone, if there's any questions feel free to ask. And finally, a big thank you to all of you that are working hard to bring life to the PS Vita scene. :D
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