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[Tutorial]How to use mic/change user in PC remote play

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[Tutorial]How to use mic/change user in PC remote play

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Hello everyone:
I bring you a tutorial about how you can use your mic for the groups or change user while using the PC remote play function of the PS4, because the pc application doesn't let you do these by default. If you play with the PS4 controller wired this is a good option to play now wireless(and charge the other controller while playing).

I tried to search in gooogle for a solution but it was kinda hard to do it, but doing some tests I managed now to play wireless, talk to my friends without problem and change users if necessary.

So first we need to meet the REQUIREMENTS the get this tutorial working:
  • As you may note, we need 2 CONTROLLERS to get this working as minimum, only 1 controller won't work
  • Also, we need 2 PSN accounts, both of them need to be in your PS4(this means you need to have 2 users in your ps4, each one with a psn account)(you'll later see why)
  • Obviously, we need the PC remote play installed in our PC, if you haven't installed the app, here's the link: ... index.html, and how to setup the app to play fine
  • If you want to talk to your friends of course you need the mic(I tried with the one you connect to the controller, I don't know with a wireless one)

Alright, after knowing these requirements and having all of them let's go into the tutorial:
1-Open the app:
2-Go to settings and click on Sign In:
3-Here's the trick, you must sign in with the OTHER ACCOUNT, not YOURS(if you signed in with your account, just sing in, then sign out and use the other account):
4-In my case, it should look like this:
5-After that, start the remote play and it should show you the menu of the other user like this:
6-Turn on the other controller and it should appear like these, I'll choose the right one:
7-After choosing, It'll tell you to press the PS button to switch user:
8-Now you can play with your user!
9-With this, you can join or make groups and talk to your friends using the mic, here you can see the mic is working:
If you want to change user, hold PS button until you can see the quick menu, and go to adjust sound and devices and clock on turn off device:
Turn on controller again and it will let you choose another user:
Here you go, changed user!:

Some tips:
  • You can't sign out of the user which is activated with the remote play
  • You DON'T NEED to connect the other controller to the pc, only the one you need for the remote play
  • Remember you need a good internet to play fine, in my case, I had to connect the PS4 wired to internet, wireless didn't work for me
  • I haven't tested to play split screen with this, but it should go fine
  • If the control runs out of battery, close the app, change controllers, open the app and keep playing
  • If you try to change user with the option of the PS4, it won't let you do it(that's why I added to the tutorial :lol: )
Here it is, I hope you find this tutorial useful and any doubts let me know, sorry if the images are in Spanish, I'm from Costa Rica and the main language is Spanish so excuse me my dear :)[/size]
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