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How to access european Netflix on CFW without PSN Login

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How to access european Netflix on CFW without PSN Login

Post by mysis »

Hello, in this tutorial i'll explain how to make the european netflix ps3 application work without it's need to login into PSN.

You will need:
- [*]a Playstation 3 on CFW
- [*]applcations for ftp transfer/a way to access your console's file system (I suggest Filezilla and Multiman)
- [*]European Netflix Package installed
- [*]Modified app.sprx (i provide mine here as attachment)


Step 0) Important: If you already followed any other guide on netflix, undo your changes. (DNS,proxy,url blocking....)

How to proceed:

Step 1) Install the european applaction package of netflix. (Title ID is: NPEB00874 (current version: 2.01))


Step 2) Get the attachment and unrar it, so you'll have the app.sprx

Step 3) Start your favourite PS3 FTP application and an ftp transfer tool on your PC/MAC/...
(Notice: I suggest reading this tutorial "FTP transfer using Multiman and Filezilla" by raphaelligh if you dont know how to work with it: viewtopic.php?f=67&t=38483 )

Step 4) Transfer the modified app.sprx to the console's installed netflix application folder: /dev_hdd0/game/NPEB00874/USRDIR
and overwrite the original one once asked.


Step 5) Now you can close/exit your ftp applications on PC,MAC,.. and on your Playstation 3 Console.

Step 6) Start netflix, it will display a loading symbol and tell you to enter your login information:


Step 7) Enjoy.
modified app.sprx
(253.53 KiB) Downloaded 1199 times
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Re: How to access european Netflix on CFW without PSN Login

Post by ErnieBall »

Good stuff!
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