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PSP 1004 / OFW 6.31 / Golf exploit - Some info on Homebrew

Half Byte loader is an open source tool to load homebrews on all models of PSPs
Half Byte Loader can be downloaded at
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PSP 1004 / OFW 6.31 / Golf exploit - Some info on Homebrew

Post by QuantumSponge »

Just started using HBL today. Been doing some testing, and thought I'd contribute what info I can.


PSP 1004 (European model, I think)
Official Firmware 6.31 (Updated via MGS: Peace Walker)
Using Golf exploit (Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 2, US version, UMD)
HBL 107

Some homebrew I've tested so far:

BookR - Works
Cave Story - Works
PicoDrive 1.35 - Works great
ScummVM - Works, but crashes on exit back to HBL menu (Also, crashed during the first few minutes of playing Jones in the Fast Lane. May be an issue with ScummVM rather than HBL, but thought I'd mention it)
Geometry Wars - Works fine
Doom 1.4 - Works
Gsps Kai - Works, but runs slowly on some games. Tends to crash on exit
SNES9xTYL - Works, but often crashes during start-up. Also, crashes occasionally on loading roms and exiting. All in all, rather crash-happy
Zombie Crisis - Runs, didn't spend much time playing it, though
CSPSP - Runs fine, as far as I can tell
Wagic - Doesn't work at all. So far, all attempts to run this have resulted in a black screen, followed by the PSP turning itself off.

In all, a lot of the homebrew that I've tested seems to work just fine, but my PSP tends to crash whenever I attempt to exit back to the main HBL menu.

That's all for now. Keep up the good work on HBL, and happy gaming!
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Re: PSP 1004 / OFW 6.31 / Golf exploit - Some info on Homebr

Post by karkinissan »

Well, It's nice that your want to share your knowledge on homebrews that work on 6.31 HBL, but you could post about them in the tests sub-forum( if the homebrews you mentioned already not there)
This will keep the forum orgainsed.
Sorry for my Awesome English.
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Re: PSP 1004 / OFW 6.31 / Golf exploit - Some info on Homebr

Post by m0skit0 »

Please follow karkinissan's advice. Locking.
I wanna lots of mov al,0xb
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