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[HOW TO] Upgrade Your PS Store Bubble to the New PS Store Logo

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[HOW TO] Upgrade Your PS Store Bubble to the New PS Store Logo

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Disclaimer: PlayStation, PS Vita, PlayStation Network, PlayStation Store, and all their respective logos and/or icons are registered trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. This tutorial is for personal use only and helps update an existing logo/icon on your own PlayStation device to its newer alternative, and the icons included shall not be used for any type of copyright infringement. Additionally, this does not change the function of the [PS Store] app in any way.

If you already know how to replace bubble icons scroll down to the end for the download link.

Since Sony has dropped making any (major) updates for the PS Vita, the scene has been finding solutions for everything. One of Sony's latest updates prior to the launch of PS5 was the new PS Store along with its new logo, which unfortunately (as expected) did not make their way to the PS Vita. Since themes cannot change the PS Store bubble, this tutorial will teach you how to update the icon bubble yourself to the new one, which I made a few icon0.png variants of, including one like the current PS Vita bubble style where the PS Store bag is moved down the frame a bit.


Warning: Make sure you follow this guide step by step, especially if you're new to changing bubble icons, or you WILL be getting a white icon bubble and might even be forced to rebuild your database.

What you need: A computer, VitaShell, Bubble Studio (online), PS Store Icons, and 5 minutes of your time.

1- Download the icon pack provided by clicking on [PS Store Icons] above or the download link below. I provided 5 different icons so you can choose the one that bests suits your theme.

2- Use VitaShell to get your app.db file:
- If you're connecting your PS Vita via USB, then before doing so, use VitaShell to navigate to ur0:shell/db. Copy the app.db file by pressing triangle and selecting [copy] (make sure you don't select [move]). Then go to ux0 and paste it there. Press select in VitaShell to connect via USB. You should find the app.db file right away. Move it to your computer.
- If you're connecting via FTP, then navigate directly to ur0:shell/db/app.db and copy the file to your computer.
- You can also get your app.db file by using an Email method explained on the Bubble Studio site, although I recommend FTP as it is the easiest.

3- Before doing anything else, make sure you have another backup of app.db in case something goes wrong.
Now that you got your app.db file, go to Bubble Studio and upload the file by selecting [Load app.db]. Select the PS Store icon, then choose to change the icon by selecting [click to change icon] on the right. Select one of the 5 provided icon0.png files you previously downloaded to your computer. Click the tick button unless you selected the original icon, then read the following:

If you chose the original icon, then before clicking the tick, make sure you zoom out on the crop screen by sliding the slider all the way back to the left. It should look this way:

If you don't follow this step, then your PS Store bubble will become a white bubble. You need to copy your chosen icon0.png to your PS Vita. The default directory in Bubble Studio is ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/bubblestudio/NPXS10002/icon0.png, so I recommend copying your new icon0.png there (if the folders don't exist, create them). However, you can copy the icon0.png anywhere you want on your Vita, on condition that you specify the directory in Bubble Studio under [Icon Path]. Example directories would be ur0:data/icon0.png and ux0:data/icon0.png

5- After clicking the tick button (again), click [Save] to save the file to your computer, as app.db (duh). Then copy it back to your PS Vita (to ur0:shell/db/app.db) by using your preferred means (USB or FTP). Make sure you have a backup from before using Bubble Studio (in case something got messed up), then replace the file on your PS Vita. Disconnect your Vita and reboot it. After startup, you should find a shiny revamped bubble in your Live Area. That's pretty much it, enjoy!

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