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Wololo Kingdoms 5.7.2 (b) installation problem

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Wololo Kingdoms 5.7.2 (b) installation problem

Post by edwardhs »

So, since WK 5.7.2 (b) has been released around a month ago, I've tried to install it over a hundred time and still hasn't been successful. It crashes (showing that it has stopped so it's not that I don't let it run) anywhere between 14 and 66%. More often than not it stops while generating empires2_x1_p1.dat

I've tried to:

Deleting the older version of WK

Reinstall Voobly

Reinstall the game from steam

Trying different settings in the installer

and I basically don't know what else to try.

Could anyone help me fix it please?

More info: I own all the DLCs on Steam and was able to install 5.7 without any problem. Furthermore, I'm running the installer with admin permissions and I've tried both WKUpdater.exe and WololoKingdoms.exe
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