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Can the sd2vita be removed/reinserted?

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Can the sd2vita be removed/reinserted?

Post by w33g33 »

Hi guys,
with my psvita fat fw3.6 and sd2vita 5.0 (white) everything is ok,


if I want remove the sd2vita card from the slot to do a backup, or to copy big files (because via usb3.0 and the sd card reader is just faster), when I reinsert the card the psvita doesn't recognize it anymore and I need to reformat, re-copy files etc. Of course I'm doing this with the psvita turned off.

Is that a normal behavior? Am I missing some files or some config?

I Just use the standard procedure and autoplugin to setup the sd2vita, but it does work only if the sd2vita is stuck in the psvita slot forever.
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Re: Can the sd2vita be removed/reinserted?

Post by niklg3 »

You cannot remove it because you have "suprx" active inside an invisible "filesystem"

"Win32 Disk Imager"

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