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Why Henkaku

Everything that is PSVita-related but doesn't go in any other subforum
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Why Henkaku

Post by scales11 »

I have a vita slim (which I really enjoy). like many I have collected an assortment digital games at a relatively low cost, given the amount of flash sales and PS plus membership. Currently I have the Henkaku hack running on it, though I am not using it do to anything. For the most part I just play the games that I have purchased.

My question/comment is this:
I understand that Henkaku is a cool concept, and it can be fun for some to develop their own games and run their own custom code on the device, however ultimately, aside from emulators, and other ripped games (psp and maybe vita if that becomes popular), what do you really gain from a hacked vita?

I have an original psp(fat) and I have enjoyed running gameboy emulators on it along with homebrew like cavestory, but it was not a perfect experience. The constant firmware upgrade chase between sony and gamers, buggy homebrew with tiny text and a non-streamlined interface, not being able to play newer UMDs because of firmware the end, I spent so much time chasing down little details when I could have just been enjoying some of the great game that it had to offer.

The vita already has a ton of great content plus remote play, which I think make it a awesome little device. I get it that there is always the challenge of hacking it just to say you did it, but how many people who have "hacked" their device actually use that capability more than just playing their games?
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Re: Why Henkaku

Post by waliworld »

The vita being a naturally more capable device than the psp is reason enough, the psp was a bit underpowered but despite that a very healthy mod scene flourished around it, not unlike the xbox mod scene. And piracy is an ever-present issue, sad to say, but it can't take away from the potential the vita presents as both a gaming handheld and a general purpose device. spec's wise its comparable to an openPandora only much cheaper. I hadn't even touched my Vita in a year until i found out about the henkaku exploit. its nice to get back into a mod scene again ^_^

Edit: also I wasn't about to repurchase my entire psp library (since US vita owners dont have the digital-transfer program that Japanese vita owners do) I'd rather hack my vita and load my PSP backups that way. now I finally chance at consolidating these two devices, and have everything on my vita
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Re: Why Henkaku

Post by GabrielLuke »

In 2008/2010, I played the **** with my first PSP. It was the best simulator I ever had. I installed it in my Vita and ran some emulators when Henkaku was published, but everything was still weird, not optimized back then.

My question is therefore, how far did the Vita hacking scene go?

Do we have good results in emulating PS1 and N64 games? Will PSPs or Vita games be loaded? Is there a list of what's going on and what's wrong now?

I'm asking that, since it's only emulation aspect that I am thinking of buying an old PSP, particularly the PS1.
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Re: Why Henkaku

Post by dmaskell92 »

Vita hacking scene went very far!

PSP backups are 100% in Adrenaline
PS1 backups are also supported on Adrenaline, although some self converted titles may have issues due to the lack of popsloader.
Ps Vita backups are fully functional
Combine emulators for PSP on Adrenaline with native Retroarch support and you also have GBA, CPS2, NES, SNES to list a few.
Does it quit? If not, then it's legit... Too legit.

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