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Official PRO CFW Topic

Unleash the full power of your PSP with a Custom Firmware.
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Re: Official PRO CFW Topic

Post by Ikari »

Hi there,

Aware this is an old thread, but hopefully some of you are still around.

I'm looking for some idiot proof advice on safely updating my custom firmware to fix the PS1/PSX game launch bug. Still a bit of a noob.

I currently have a psp1000 permently flashed to 6.60 Pro-C.

Do I have to restore factory and reinstall or can I just install the update and re-flash over it?

Also would someone be good enough to link me to the most recent version of Pro-C for 6.60.

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Re: Official PRO CFW Topic

Post by Taronish3 »

Go to 6.61 cfw infinity.
i love my psvita wololo site rocks . PSVITA h-encore enso 3.65 PlayStation® waiting for ps3 emu on PS vita
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