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[Tutorial][iOS] Copying Music, Videos and Camera Roll to PC

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[Tutorial][iOS] Copying Music, Videos and Camera Roll to PC

Post by NoMoreUniqueNames »

I posted this guide to a thread that totally turned out to be both A) relatively old and B) solved. So, I figured that I may as well make a tutorial thread for easier access.

It's written for Windows and using the program called iFunbox but should work for OSX as well. I'm also assuming that you've installed the latest iFunbox("iFunbox 2014" as of this writing).


You need:
iFunbox(Is available for both Windows and Mac)

1. Install iFunbox and iTunes. After they install, reboot your computer and run iFunbox.

2. Plug in your device(or have it set to sync with iTunes via Wifi but this connects slower)

3. Once iFunbox is open, click the bottom left corner where it shows the name of your device.
4. Scroll down and make sure your device is the one selected(if more than one is connected) and choose "Raw File System" under "Manage Files"*
5. If jailbroken: open the folder named "var" and then "mobile" and then "Media".
5b. If you are not jailbroken then "Raw File System" will only let you see the contents of /var/mobile/Media anyway.

6. Copy whatever folder you need to your desktop by dragging it out of the window. i.e. "iTunes_Control" for music and videos.**

7. If you are copying music then open the newly transferred "iTunes_Control" and move the "Music" folder into iTunes to have it added to the library.
If you click the little gear on the top right you can access iFunbox's settings to disable auto starting with windows and auto app downloads(for updates) if you don't want them.

The windows version has a bug where folders with lots of files and folders in them won't show up where you moved it to after it's done transferring. If this happens open an explorer window, basically any folder, and put %appdata%\Roaming\iFunBox.NXGen\temp_files in the address bar, hit enter. The folder should be in here unless you've closed iFunbox since transferring as it deletes the contents of the "temp_files" folder on exit. This might be fixed in the 2014 version but I have yet to try a large transfer.
* I know there's an option labelled "Music" under the "Export Media" section. I tell you to copy it manually because it's actually faster as the export option parses the device's music library database before copying it to the computer. This option is useful if you want the album art and song info to be embedded in the actual music file. Older versions of iFunbox had various issues with large transfers using this mode which might be fixed in 2014, again this is untested by me. Also, it adds [] to the file names which is hella ugly.

** If you need your voice memos, copy Recordings. iTunes_Control for music, videos. DCIM is where the Camera Roll is stored. Vibrations contains the custom vibration patterns for iphones. Books is where your books from the iBooks app are, etc
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Re: [Tutorial][iOS] Copying Music, Videos and Camera Roll to

Post by ParkPrince »

Hi, if you are looking to copy music, videos, camera roll and other data from iOS device to PC, you may try with the iPhone data transfer tool. With such an app, you are able to transfer iPhone music to PC. Even your music or videos are not purchased from Apple store, they can still be transferred.
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