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[release] Duck Hunt Vita game

HENkaku is a native Homebrew Enabler for the PS Vita and PS TV. It lets you run homebrews on the PS Vita
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Re: [release] Duck Hunt Vita game

Post by BeatPlay »

hacluhohoh wrote:I make a Duck Hunt homebrew I hope everyone enjoy

I work hard on this last 2 month to design authentic to original Duck Hunt game

sorry I dont have screenshot I borrow vita to make this and dont have again for 2 week

not complete, maybe has bugs but it works ok for now I fix those later

I hope everybody like it I had fun making it

If you want me to make screenshots just ask! :D ;)
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Re: [release] Duck Hunt Vita game

Post by Shippo »

Be Careful Guys, i read over at reddit that this is another one that brick your Vita.

"We have a reddit feed on our discord. A link was deleted from here by the AutoMod for a Duck Hunt style Vita Homebrew. This game uses string formatting to build the os0 strings and such so doesn't show up in the search within the eboot, so it would not show up as malware. MPT looked at the eboot and said this: "See the os%s 0: that means it'll put those together to make os0: Replacing the %s"

This game was released UNSAFE, so it would have flagged you in Vitashell. You have been informed, please spread the word."

If this isnt true then Sorry...
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Re: [release] Duck Hunt Vita game

Post by realshotgun »

Please nobody download this. I don't check these forums, I am glad someone was able to come here from the subreddit and let you guys know. This needs to be taken down immediately.
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Re: [release] Duck Hunt Vita game

Post by Kankertje »

Removed the link & locking this thread.
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Re: [release] Duck Hunt Vita game

Post by CPUzX »

I know this topic is locked, but I'd just like to add something very important that you should all look for, if you don't find the string: "os0" in a Vita bricking application:

Nobody wants their Vita bricked. It's a totally different story compared to the PSP.

This specific string assembles os0 KD upon loading the application, which is why it appears differently in this Duck Hunt bricker.

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