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Can't properly decrypt some PSP PSN demos

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Can't properly decrypt some PSP PSN demos

Post by SILENT_Pavel »

Hello. I've downloaded several digital PSP demos from Japanese store in my PSP memory card. They can be launched from any PSP that has 6.61 CFW LME 2.3, but will not work on PPSSPP emu and some others older CFWs. To launch this on PPSSPP i need to convert EBOOT.PBP to the uncompressed ISO. Most of demos was successfully automatically converted with "PSN.PKG.Decryptor.&.Extractor.v1.85-LMAN", but this specific demos displays errors while processing:

ULJM-05123 - 8574 kb - Gurumin demo
UCJS-10032 - 8544 kb - Saru Get You: Pipo Saru Racer demo
NPJG-90020 - 6258 kb - Bleach: Heat the Soul 5 demo
NPJG-90016 - 7995 kb - Everybody's Golf Portable 2 (beginner)
NPJG-90017 - 8339 kb - Everybody's Golf Portable 2 (Intermediate)
NPJG-90009 - 4318 kb - Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida: 3D demo [No Heroes Allowed!]

download as folders with EBOOT.PBP - 42,8 MB

PSP PSN PKG with Gurumin, Bleach and Golf demos. They were downloaded with Media Go (before transferring them on PSP) - 31,6 MB

"PSN.PKG.Decryptor.&.Extractor" error "This EBOOT.PBP is a HOMEBREW!"
extractor-error.JPG (32.19 KiB) Viewed 7243 times
PRXdecrypter 2.7a error:

Code: Select all

PRXdecrypter 2.7a started, found ms0:/enc/ folder
Logging started at ms0:/enc/log.txt...

Successfully loaded PRXdecrypter02g module

RLZ decompression available
KL3E decompression available
KL4E decompression available
PRXdecrypter log enabled

* Going to main menu...
Decrypting files...

* ULJM05123/EBOOT.PBP -> unsignchecked, failed (unk. tag 0xC57C800F/0x454C4241).
* EBOOT.PBP -> unsignchecked, failed (unk. tag 0xC57C800F/0x454C4241).


* Going to main menu...
Exited PRXdecrypter
If using "EBOOT2ISO v1.1", here my steps:
1. extract as files and folders
2. create new ISO with UMDGen
3. generate UMD_DATA.BIN
4. save as uncompressed iso

Code: Select all

    |   ICON0.PNG
    |   ICON1.PMF
    |   PARAM.SFO
    |   PIC0.PNG
    |   PIC1.PNG
    |   SND0.AT3
    |       BOOT.BIN
    |       EBOOT.BIN
result - fail: displays the same error with PPSSPP

PPSSPP error while opening EBOOT.PBP "Could not load game. failed to load executable: file corrupt."
ppsspp-error.jpg (39.11 KiB) Viewed 7243 times
So, what kind of tools should i use to make it work? Thanks.
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Re: Can't properly decrypt some PSP PSN demos

Post by l_oliveira »

All of those EBOOTs are of "MG" category. They are encrypted PRX files (~PSP, which have a .ELF inside), not ISOs.
A good indication that a EBOOT has a ISO inside is the string "NPUMDIMG" at the DATA.PSAR header. ;)

What you're trying to do should work with "EG" category eboots.
So, make sure you look into the PARAM.SFO file for information about the type of content.

PPSSPP can't open those because the KIRK key (0x60) for that PRX type is unknown. You can dump the .ELF from the EBOOT.PBP by splitting it's DATA.PSP and then using PRXDECRYPTER on a REAL PSP, to decrypt it as a .ELF...

Then PPSSPP will be able to run those.

Unlike what the PSN PKG Decryptor & Extractor lead you to believe, they're NOT homebrew. However, homebrew mimics the EBOOT package format those use. Without the keys to actually test them, it's hard to tell apart a proper signed eboot from a homebrew one. Would be better if the error message said something like "Unsupported EBOOT" instead.

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