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[Release] Wii U Kernel exploit up to firmware 5.4.0

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[Release] Wii U Kernel exploit up to firmware 5.4.0

Post by oumoumad »

I'm surprised this was not mentioned here in wololo,

Marionumber1 and his team have released their first kernel exploit couple days ago, which works on Wii U up to 5.4.0 version.
However for now the only public userspace exploit (which is needed to trigger the kernel exploit) available now is the one for 5.3.2.
The team has a working userspace exploit on the later version but it's not public yet.

How to run the exploit in your wii U : ... ps.395335/

Technical info on how the exploit works : ... on.395444/

I hope more developers will join the scene to make/port homebrew and emulators.
Wii U is a powerful device that can be used for many interesting things, this could be the most powerful homebrew chance we had in the history of consoles.
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