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Syobon Action - PSP - version R3

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Syobon Action - PSP - version R3

Post by toBsucht »

* Many more optimization for speed up (133Mhz run very well, all levels). In the future I will try make a NDS version (but the develkit have to be more usable, stable, and less changes of API).
* Signed version for OFW users
* Release compacted in 7z (use the 7zip or other compatible to extract)
* Save and Load options! \o/[/quote]

Syobon Action fullspeed PSP version R3 @

# # # # # # # # # # # #

Nice jump&run game similar to Super Mario
A example video of Syobon Action Secret World Part 1

syobon DA r3 signed (shrunk).rar
syobon_DA_r3 133/66 signed (shrunk).rar
syobon DA r3 222/111 signed (shrunk).rar
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Re: Syobon Action - PSP - version R3

Post by harshyo96 »

Good game :D
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