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Pilot Academy: Secret Plane Tutorial (Modding skills needed)

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Pilot Academy: Secret Plane Tutorial (Modding skills needed)

Post by spewfr »

Here is a short tutorial on how to enable a secret Airbus-380 in Free Flight mode in the game Pilot Academy.
If you're like me and think that it is kind of redundant to have two Boeing 747's in free flight (the original and the Presidential Flight), then this tutorial will get rid of one of the 747's and replace it with another aircraft (A380). :D


Custom Firmware (find them in the forums here) (must be capable of loading ISO's)

Step 1 - Dump your original copy of Pilot Academy
You need to create an ISO image of your copy of Pilot Academy for this "hack" to work.
Once you have done so, open up your .ISO image with UMDGen on your computer.
Extract the image to your desktop (or somewhere where you can find it).
You should now have a folder named NoLabel, and inside of that folder there should be a folder labeled PSP_GAME and a file named UMD_DATA.BIN .

Step 2 - Find your needed Airbus files
Now that you have your ISO extracted, go into the folder PSP_GAME (not in UMDGen, in Windows), then go into USRDIR.
You should now have a long list of folders - go into the folder models (PSP_GAME/USRDIR/models).
Backup the following files to your drive (or you can just delete them):

Once you have removed those files, we need to COPY (YOU MUST KEEP THE ORIGINAL) the following files and RENAME your copy as specified below:
[COPY] - [RENAME TO] - - (NOT!) -

Once you have copied and renamed those files, go into the folder textures (PSP_GAME/USRDIR/textures).
Backup the following files to your drive (or again, you can just delete them):

Once you have removed those files, we need to COPY (YOU MUST KEEP THE ORIGINAL) the following files and RENAME your copy as specified below:
a380_01.gim - 747_map_1b.gim
a380_02.gim - 747_map_2b.gim
a380_03.gim - 747_map_3b.gim
a_a380shad.gim - a_747shad.gim
a_a380shadow.gim - a_747shadow.gim

Step 3 - Create your new ISO
Once you are SURE that your copied and renamed every file EXACTLY as I specified, you need to recompile your ISO.
Open UMDGen, and click File -> New Compilation.
Drag and drop your modified PSP_GAME folder along with the original UMD_DATA.BIN to the large white space in the middle of the UMDGen window.
Once the file and folder appear in the UMDGen window, save your "new compilation" to your computer as an ISO.
It will then compile your ISO.
After it completes, copy your NEW ISO to your PSP.

Step 4 - Take off with our new Airbus-380!
Load the new ISO on your PSP.
At the main menu, select FREE FLIGHT.
You will now be shown a list of all available aircraft -
Select the 747.
You will now be at the runway with your Airbus-380 :D

Common complaints -
"I can't get off the runway! It always says 'LEVEL FAILED' right before I can lift off."
Sometimes it can be difficult to get off the ground with this aircraft - You need to do the following:
Slam the throttle to max.
Point and hold the nose to the ground.
At the very end of the runway, EVER SO SLIGHTLY pull the nose up so you are just above the city floor. Then pull up above the ground.

"I can't get the game to load - it always crashes when I click on '747'!"
Make sure that you CORRECTLY copied/renamed ALL of the specified files.
If the problem persists, try the tutorial all over again.
How did I find this, you ask?
I was searching around in the files for this game, and I read one of the XML files related to the airbus - inside of the heading of the file, it said "TO BE DROPPED!". So apparently, they were going to include this plane in the game but decided not to. So what I did was over-write all of the 747 files with the a380 files and I got the airbus!
There is also another "dropped" aircraft (I think it is the SEPECAT Jaguar), and if you tell me to I'll make a tutorial for that one too :D

-phew, that only took an hour to write-
Happy modding!

EDIT: Apparently you do NOT need to change the files, but just in case I would change them also.

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