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Wii U smash stack exploit.

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Wii U smash stack exploit.

Post by spleenpoker »

Hey guys, I'm about to go out and get Super Smash bros. brawl and I'm wondering if it matters that I get the nintendo select range version?

Thank you for all the help!
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Re: Wii U smash stack exploit.

Post by myth »

When I hacked my wii (u) I read about all the expolites and never heard anything about not able to do it with the players choice, though nintendo has fixed bugs etc in the players choice version. (metroid prime 1 etc) I'd personally buy the orignal version and if thats impossible for you to find I'd go after another game expolite.
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Re: Wii U smash stack exploit.

Post by pcmantinker »

I would try and find the original Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Smash Stack works differently than other exploit games as it loads a stage in the stage builder and not game progress from a game save. I've found that it was the easiest game to use for the exploit on the Wii U.
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Re: Wii U smash stack exploit.

Post by juliavasa5 »

So this is the data (in the spoiler) that i pulled from the exploit... it seems to me that they are using the amount of memory the string is allotted to achieve the exploit. Im assuming that with the wii u, when the string is added to itself over and over and over, eventually the string exceeds the amount of memory it is allowed to hold, effectively overwriting important data that is causing the crash. Then the var h1 is getting actual address of it so that the user can later inject the code? :roll:
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