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R5sdhc homepage updated again!

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R5sdhc homepage updated again!

Post by jackmax » Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:05 pm

R5sdhc homepage updated again!

2014-11-14 Fully operation step by step is in Operation Page. And the operation of backup games / saver will be coming next week.

2014-11-14 latest template file uploaded.

2014-11-12 new template file again : ) here

2014-11-12 new powerful tool released (DiskWriter V1.01). You can backup and restore games and save files. please go to the download page.

2014-11-11 Instruction and latest template file uploaded.

2014-11-06 Manual instruction will be coming in next few days!

2014-11-06 R5tool is ready on download section.

2014-11-06 The R5 flashcart will be released on Nov. 7th.

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