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Sky3DS requires a special program to ”flash” the games

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Sky3DS requires a special program to ”flash” the games

Post by calvinsnooby » Mon Nov 03, 2014 2:26 pm

In the normal,if we want use a flashcart play games on our handheld,we just need connect TF card with our PC,then download latest kernel firmware from flashart official site and then unzip it,drag the root kernel files and game files into our micro sd card,after finished,then insert the micro sd card to our flash kit,then to our console,then we can play .Yet, for sky3ds,it seems in a opposite condition.

According to the latest sky3ds review video,it has confirmed that Currently, games for Sky3DS cannot be copy pasted onto the TF card directly. Instead, it requires a special programto ”flash” the games onto the TF card. Connecting a TF card which has been flashedwith games to the computer will not show the content on it and will prompt you to reformat the card.Because we do not have the program at the moment,we were unable to flash the games onto the card
nor tell anything about the writing process, how many games it can hold,or whether flashed games can be changed. More updates available at later dates.
and here is the thread source for it : ... a-128.html , and following is the video like

Currently,only this chinese version review video about sky3ds available,yet,the mainly meaning just as i said above,maybe later there will be more and more officially reviews from official team,so let's just stay tuned for more details.

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