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[RELEASE] 3ds CFW-CIA Installer

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[RELEASE] 3ds CFW-CIA Installer

Post by GovanifY »

Here's a 3ds CFW and a CIA Installer, enjoy!
All's explained on the site btw
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Re: [RELEASE] 3ds CFW-CIA Installer

Post by reprep »

Thanks. Wish my 3DS XL wasn't 6.x
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Re: [RELEASE] 3ds CFW-CIA Installer

Post by mlc »

Has anyone checked this out? I'd be a little uncomfortable installing files from someone who seemingly stole them by secretly installing a remote administration tool on another person's computer, but otherwise I guess it's probably good news. Hopefully this will encourage someone to improve this or release a more complete version out of pride. haha

*But, to clarify, afaik the whole remote administration tool thing could be only a rumor, since that's what the poster says. It's entirely possible that these files were simply shared too widely, and not stolen in any unethical way. It's probably not right for me to assume that the rumors about this are true, especially since whoever accidentally released the files leading to this leak has a serious motive to minimize the amount of blame the rest of the devs will place on them. So take what I said with a grain of salt; I was wrong to initially assume it was true.
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Re: [RELEASE] 3ds CFW-CIA Installer

Post by chihuahua »

Damage Control, dont think anyone is in the position to know what really went down and why.
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