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How to backup the nand of your 3DS

Post here your guides, tips, how-to, etc...
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How to backup the nand of your 3DS

Post by AlexxLopaztico02 »

This is good if you f*ck-up things on your 3DS, thing that happened to a friend.

  • A Gateway-exploitable 3DS
  • The Gateway exploit
  • A SD Card with at least 1GB
  • A internet connection in your 3DS
How to:
  • 1.- Download the Gateway Exploit, decompress it and move it to the root of your SD Card.
  • 2.- Put your SD Card into the 3DS.
  • 3.- Open the 3DS Browser, and go to

    Code: Select all 
  • 4.- Now, you should be seeing the gateway menu:

  • 5.- Select the "Backup system NAND" option, and press Start/A.
  • 6.- Let it backup it, and press A when the proccess is finished.
And thats all, now you have succesfully backup your NAND! :D
Bye :D
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Re: How to backup the nand of your 3DS

Post by link2sai »

Dude all the tutorials you have written this month already exists on many websites, as for 3ds tut it's been done to death over at gbatemp

Anyway luck with all yours useless tut
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Re: How to backup the nand of your 3DS

Post by fate6 »

People still use BrickWait? also what that guy said^
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