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Tutorial: How to setup R4i save dongle

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Tutorial: How to setup R4i save dongle

Post by Dwtechzhope » Sun Oct 09, 2016 6:57 am

R4i Save Dongle is a tool which perfectly backup 3DS/NDSi/NDS original game kart game’s save.

R4i Save Dongle feature
By download different game’s save,allow user to explore new game experience.
Open platform, allow game’s save sharing between user.
Easy steps of backup/upload game’s save.

What’s the function of R4i Save Dongle?
SaveDongle is a USB dongle which can backup games saver of original 3DS/NDSI/NDSL game cart to PC. It also allows restoring the PC backup games saver back to original 3DS/NDSI/NDSL game cart.

How to install and use R4i Save Dongle
1 x R4i Save Dongle
1 x 3DS/DSI/DS original cartridge

Step 1. Download drivers.rar, extract it and run「vcredist_x86.exe」and「dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe」
Step 2. Insert R4i Save Dongle to PC, run「SaveDongle Firmware Uploader.exe」
Step 3. After the R4i Save Dongle is identified, press 【UPGRADE】button for some seconds arrording to the instructions
Step 4. Select 「SaveDongle_v13.bin」file under「OPEN BIN FILE」option
Step 5. Select 「PROGRAM」to start update
Step 6. Pull out R4i Save Dongle after the update finished, the setting is success

Use manaul
1. Run【R4i SaveDongle V1.5.exe】
2. Insert 3DS/DSI/DS original cartridge to R4i Save Dongle, and connect with PC
3. Select “CARD → PC” for backup game saver to PC (saved as .sav file),or select “PC → CARD” for restore backup game saver(.sav file) from PC to game cart.

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