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Go from rxtools to Luma3DS

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Go from rxtools to Luma3DS

Post by syngas » Fri Jul 29, 2016 4:48 pm

This assumes you already have CFW and rxtools.Get latest Luma build from

Put your SD card into your computer,Extract the luma folder to the root of the SD,Place one of three files on your SD card, based on how you use menuhax:
Homebrew Launcher
Just drag and drop the "3ds" folder to your SD card. And now you can launch Luma3DS from Homebrew Launcher.

CTR Boot Manager
If your 3DS boots into a boot menu called "CTRBootManager", you need to add the "Luma3DS.dat" file to your SD card's root.
Then you need to edit the boot.cfg file on your SD card to include Luma3DS, as follows:
title = "Luma3DS";
path = "/Luma3DS.dat";
offset = "0x12000";
Add the boot.3dsx file to your SD, replacing any that exists. Then add the "boot.cfg" file to your SD card. Edit the boot.cfg file to include the above text then save it,Use notepad++ I cannot stress this enough.

In the Luma3DS zip, go into the menuhax folder and drag and drop the boot.3dsx file to the root of your SD, replacing any that exists.
Now when you turn on your 3DS, it will automatically boot straight into Luma3DS.

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Re: Go from rxtools to Luma3DS

Post by wololo » Tue Aug 02, 2016 1:09 am

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