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[Tutorial] Renew AACS Encryption Keys on MFW 4.46

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[Tutorial] Renew AACS Encryption Keys on MFW 4.46

Post by mysis »

AACS (Advanced Access Content System) is a copyright-protection technology that is used on Blu-ray movies.
The copyrighted content is protected by setting an encryption key on both the disc and the device used to play the disc.
An AACS encryption key expires in 12 to 18 months and must be renewed.
If you, like me, prefer to stay on 4.46 and not to update, you wont be able to watch recently bought blu ray movies.
You will be greeted with a message like this :

(Translation: To play this BD, you must renew the encryption key. Perform a system software update to renew the encryption key.)

What you need:
* Playstation 3 Console on Version 4.46
* Playstation 3 Update 4.50 PUP File for CEX/Retail (everything lower than 4.70 can work, not 4.70 tho)
* pupunpack, depkg, unpkg or similar tools for unpacking updates
* Multiman, dev_blind or similar tool for ftp, accessing dev_flash
* scetool or similar for decrypting, resigning
* and skills to use them

What we will do:

The "key" (literally) lies within a file called "AacsModule.spu.isoself".
We need to resign this file from Update 4.50 for 4.46 and replace it on the console.


Get a hold of the PS3UPDAT.PUP of Firmware Version 4.50.
(MD5::E3DECAF8BEEF0ABC8F7999F66DE05AF9, SHA1::2F879E594841CD0821CDF55AD049AAD864EDEB89)

Make sure you got all necessary information for decryption inside data/key-file for scetool, namely:


Step 0: Unpacking
Use your favourite tool and
* unpack the PS3UPDAT.PUP
* extract "dev_flash_022.tar.aa.2013_09_14_050612" from "update_files.tar"
* decrypt "dev_flash_022.tar.aa.2013_09_14_050612" and extract "/dev_flash/bdplayer/AacsModule.spu.isoself"

Step 1: Decryption

Locate the just extracted isoself module and decrypt it using scetool.

Code: Select all

Decrypt Command:
scetool --verbose -d AacsModule.spu.isoself AacsModule.spu450.elf
scetool 0.2.9 <public build> (C) 2011-2013 by naehrwert
NP local license handling (C) 2012 by flatz

[*] Loaded keysets.
[*] Loaded loader curves.
[*] Loaded vsh curves.
[*] Using keyset [isoldr 0x0001 04.50]
[*] Header decrypted.
[*] Data decrypted.
[*] ELF written to AacsModule.spu450.elf.

Step 2: Resigning

Unlike game selfs, isoldr elfs need to be signed specific for firmware version and are not interchangeable simply by replacing.

* Start up Multiman and your ftp program
* Get yourself a hold of your original "/dev_flash/bdplayer/AacsModule.spu.isoself"
* This can be a good backup incase of problems, and we use it as template
* Rename the copied file on your Computer (not Console!) "AacsModule.spu.isoself" to "AacsModule_446.spu.isoself"

(Alternative: Get a 4.46 PS3UPDAT.PUP and decrypt it like in step 0 to get a hold of its file.)

* We will now resign AacsModule.spu450.elf.
with AacsModule_446.spu.isoself as template to a new AacsModule.spu.isoself.

Code: Select all

Resign Command:
scetool --verbose --template=AacsModule_446.spu.isoself --sce-type=SELF -e AacsModule.spu450.elf AacsModule.spu.isoself
scetool 0.2.9 <public build> (C) 2011-2013 by naehrwert
NP local license handling (C) 2012 by flatz

[*] Loaded keysets.
[*] Loaded loader curves.
[*] Loaded vsh curves.
[*] Using keyset [isoldr 0x0001 04.46]
[*] Template header decrypted.
[*] SELF built.
[*] Data encrypted.
[*] AacsModule.spu.isoself written.

Make sure it is using the isoldr keyset for Version 4.46, the target system.
Now we will only have to replace this new file on the system.

Step 3: Replacing

* Start up Multiman incase you didnt before
* Enable "writeable "dev_flash"" in settings column (it is usually the 4th least option)
* /dev_flash will now become available for replacing files, mounted as /dev_blind
* Overwrite older "/dev_blind/bdplayer/AacsModule.spu.isoself" with your newly resigned isoself (Remember: /dev_blind not /dev_flash !)
* Exit Multiman

Step 4:

* Insert your BD Movie and watch it. (tested with MKB v47)
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Re: [Tutorial] Renew AACS Encryption Keys on MFW 4.46

Post by yroshiku »

Please help me, I have 3.55kmeaw wants to play bluray but require the latest encryption key, i want to use your method to put the key into my 3.55. I got lv2_patcher-bd_region_changer that allows it to play region A bluray on my region B ps3. But the bd movie needs new encryption key, so all i need is replace the key into 3.55 i assume.
please educate me on how to do so, and if any required software are provided will be great.
also, if there's a way to unlock bluray region on 4.70cfw please let me know. I cant find any as far as i googled
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