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[Remoteplay]Register ps4 to pstv without updating

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[Remoteplay]Register ps4 to pstv without updating

Post by DaRipa »

Registered my ps4 to vita using this method ... th-fw3-60/ and idu on ps4. had to make a psn account for vita (running 3.6). working fine now

First install netcheckbypass on vita/pstv
create a psn account on pc

1. set Henkaku DNS (or use vitaupdateblocker)
2. install registryeditor
3. navigate to /config/np1/ and make sure the keys for your email and password blank
4. install uricaller
5. open uricaller and call the uri “psnreg:”
6. if you have HenkakuDNS or Vitaupdateblocker running the app will just work
7. Sign into or Create your PSN Account
Press done and the app will auto-exit and assign your account to the system

On the ps4 as per the Russian site

1. Remove all USB devices from PS4.
2. Make sure you are able to run payloads via cache mode with network disabled (or use offline method).
3. Exit to the main menu and select "Profile" -> "Change User".
4. In the "Name" field, change the name of your user to "User1"

Keep in mind i lost all my save games. Some people claim they don't lose them however. Make a backup just in case.

5. Power on the PS4. Go to "Settings" -> "Network" and make sure the "Connect to the Internet" is left unchecked. I turned off my internet on the router.
6. Go to your browser (or user guide if applicable) and launch the "HEN" payload.
7. Go to "Settings" -> "Debug Settings" -> "System" -> "IDU mode", select "On"
8. Click "OK" to reboot.
9. Wait until you see "Provide unit with a valid network connection or insert IDU update disc" in the upper right of the screen
10. Turn controller back on and hold (R1) + (R2) + (L1) + (L2) + (Option) + (UP) until "Staff Mode" is enabled.
11. On your PS4, go to "Settings" -> "Remote Play Connection Settings" and check the box that says "Direct Connection to PS Vita / PS TV System".
12. Next while still in "Remote Play Connection Settings" choose "Add Device".
13. On the device you wish to use remote play on (Vita, PSTV, PC) start the Remote Play/PS4 Link application.
14. On your Vita/PSTV, create a new (direct) connection to the PS4 and enter the pairing code on the Vita/PSTV.
15. Run "HEN" if "Debug Settings" is unavailable under system settings.
16. Go to "Settings" -> "Debug Settings" -> "System" -> "IDU mode" and choose "Off" to disable IDU mode.
17. Click "OK" to reboot.

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Re: [Remoteplay]Register ps4 to pstv without updating

Post by Naimm »

Thanks for share, it's helpfull
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