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How to play PS4 games in VR via PC Stream

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How to play PS4 games in VR via PC Stream

Post by genxmur »

It isn't directly possible to use VR on PS4 right now but you can use it indirectly.You're gonna need a VR Headset for this(Obviously).
So first things first,If you don't know,You can now stream your PS4 on PC using remote play,Basically the same as PS Vita only better.
Go over here to install the App on your ... index.html It's a pretty easy process so I won't bother writing about it.
Now you need Trinus VR(It's for PC and Phone),You CAN use stream theater,But Trinus VR is just my personal preference.So I'm gonna write accordingly.
You can get Trinus from here:
After you've done everything and set it up,Come back here!

Now for the juicy bits:
1)Launch Trinus on the phone and computer
2)On the main tab switch sensor output to no sensor (No Mouse option in PS4 so just do it.)
3)Launch the PS4 remote play application

NOTE:If you have problems running it in fullscreen,Try using it in windowed mode.

4)Wait 30-40 seconds,Ignoring any errors.
5)You should now be able to play your games.

:D :D

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