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Confused about some things with my exploited PS4

Everything that is PS4-related but doesn't go in any other subforum
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Confused about some things with my exploited PS4

Post by chanelhills »

Questions I'm lost on...

1. I guess I'm sort of a child of previous hacked consoles where you had to do everything in the world to avoid letting your console connect so I'm scared about the PS4. Do we have to avoid going online to PSN for apps or demos? For example I have MLB and NHL apps installed and would like to be able to use them. Can I? And if they have updates which happens often, can I allow those apps to update? Do we know how banning works?
2. How does the exploit work with sports games that can connect to their own servers to download rosters? Not game updates, but just roster files. Can that be done, or are you not allowed to connect at all for that? On PS3 we had PSN spoofers. Anything like that on PS4?
3. I can't seem to get a proper explanation of how things work with respect to firmware versions. So, right now we're on 5.05, so that means any game up until now will work fine. But 5.55 is already out. Does that mean no game that comes out from now on will work on our 5.05 consoles?
4. I've got three PSN accounts I've used in three different countries. In one of them I had bought Uncharted 4. Can I switch to that country again to play it or can I not leave my current PSN anymore that I ran the exploit on?

Thanks for any guidance!
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