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is cross save without PSN possible???

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is cross save without PSN possible???

Post by disputes123 »

Like many of you, i am using my Vita on an older Firmware (3.18 in my case). The only feature i really miss is Cross Save with my PS3.
I was wondering how the process works, my guess is that the vita savegame gets converted in a "neutral format" and then is converted to a PS3 savegame and vice versa. I was thinking, if this con version is done on the device itself, there might be a way to "sniff" the converted savegame with some kind of proxy / tool and get it on the other device without the need of PSN. Kind of like how you can use PS3 Proxy Server to install a certain firmware to your vita that is actually saved on you pc instead of being downloaded from PSN.

As you might have noticed by now, i am not a developer, i don't know a lot about the concept of proxy servers and i don't know anything about how the vita handels Cross saves. I was just having this idea and i am interested what someone with better knowledge on the subject thinks. So please tell me what you think.reverse phone lookupnba reddit pcpartpicker
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