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PS2 CLASSICS GUI/ content already installed

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PS2 CLASSICS GUI/ content already installed

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EDIT: SOLVED: I found a tutorial for ps2emu and Fake PKG Tools. Now I have my two games installed at the same time.

My PS4 is on 5.05 firmware and im using Al-Azif's PS4-exploit. I am having an issue trying to install both of my PS2 games that I own on the PS4's home screen together. The PS2 Classics gui works perfectly and creates separately named pkg. files. When I use the Debug Package installer on the PS4 it will install one just fine. When I install the next pkg. file for my PS2 game a message appears that say's the package is already installed and if I proceed to install anyway it will overwrite the first game. I can only have one PS2 classic pkg. file installed at a one time. Is there something different I need to do like rename a file? I have tried to find an answer on Google for hours but I don't what to search for.
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