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Troubleshooting a faulty controller.

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Troubleshooting a faulty controller.

Post by Gords »

I have a faulty controller im trying to fix up. Its a newer official controller with the grey buttons. it turns on and lights up but will not sync to the ps4. When plugging it into the pc via usb i never got the usual usb connected bing/bong sounds (like my older official ps4 controller does) so assumed it was just one or both of the data pins gone in the connector. i tried a few different usb cables beforehand of course.

So i ordered a new usb board (love how these are removable btw) and it came today but didnt fix the problem. Looking again back to windows i noticed that although im not getting a usb inserted bing/bong it is actually appearing in windows via usb but as 'wireless controller'.

Ive never used or owned a ps4 before so am unsure of how these things normally behave or appear to windows. Any ideas for me would be appreciated.

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