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5.05 jailbreak ps4 pro keeps crashing when applying exploit

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5.05 jailbreak ps4 pro keeps crashing when applying exploit

Post by BassemAmr »

Hello guys,
I recently bought the pro version
And jailbroke it offline with the browser download cache method where i downloaded the website cache to the browser so i can run it offline

It was working smooth as heck and i enjoyed much
But one time i had just started the ps left a couple of minutes then opened browser and was applying the exploit,, the round circle kept going round, and the second it showed done the ps4 crashed, it shutdown, couldnt do anything it was not even starting , i had to remove the power cord and insert it again to start the pc

When it started it said something about fixing storage or something

Now it keeps happening more often and im a little scared it might do something to the pro

In other forums people mentioned that applying the exploit with a connected external usb or hdd would do that, but ally the crashes happend to me was without any thing plugged in usb ports, maybe the charging controller at some of the times

Any help please
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