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PS4 PSN PKG Files Grapper Website

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 1:36 pm
by raedhosny
Hi everyone, this is for all users on latest firmware with life PSN account, based on @Al Azif tutorial for downloading PKG Files; it was hard for some people to parse JSON syntax to bring them PKG Files, so i have made a simple web page to bring those files easily for those login on them PSN Accounts as following:-

1- Visit this website ( )
2- Click Step 1 to login to your PSN Account on the official playstation store site
3- Click Step 2 and a new page will show up to you includes the complicated JSON syntax for all your purchases, Ctrl + A then Copy.
4- Click Step 3 and Paste the JSON code in JSON input; then press Grap Game Links
5- It will Show you all your Purchased Games with all separated links to download directly to your PC.
6- Now use this Tutorial to download those games faster using Ethernet to your PS4.

Notice I have made this in 3 steps to keep the privacy so everyone keep his own PSN account for himself, no one will trust this when supplying his own account to external website :)

I just wanted to make it easy and share this with others

Enjoy everyone :)