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Installing and Running PS4 "2nd Screen" app on Kindle Fire

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Installing and Running PS4 "2nd Screen" app on Kindle Fire

Post by wololo »

I own a Kindle Fire, which isn't officially supported by Sony on their Android PS4 apps, including "Second Screen", which I'm trying to run in order to use the AR Studio functionality with Playroom.

It is possible to Sideload the app, but I'm running into issues using the AR Studio part of the app. Wondering if anyone got it to work.

To Run PS4 "Second Screen" on the Kindle Fire:
1) Sideload the Second Screen app on your Kindle Fire (link: ... nd-screen/ )
2) Sideload Android System Webview (link: ... 7-release/)

The Android System Webview is required for the app to load a webview and allow you to sign in to the PSN. If you sideload both these things on our Fire Tablet, you should be able to run the app.
(If you don't have the Android System Webview, you'll get a cryptic error asking you to update an app at the time to try to sign in to PSN)

The issue I have right now is that when I run the AR Studio to use with playroom, I get stuck on the "Now loading" screen. Wondering if anyone has successfully run AR Studio on a Kindle Fire recently, and could help me.
If you need US PSN Codes, this technique is what I recommend.

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