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EDIT: Solved: PS4 Homebrew Store Turned on the PS4 fan full blast

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EDIT: Solved: PS4 Homebrew Store Turned on the PS4 fan full blast

Post by solidsnake »

EDIT: Solved:
In the pop up number pad I typed in 70 for 70c and the fan turned down. 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, means set your PS4 fan to stay at 40-80 Celsius.

This is weird. When I was browsing the PS4 Homebrew Store App I pressed the options button on the controller which made a window on the left pop up with the options GAME and Fan Control. I pressed the fan control button because i was curious. It made a search window pop up with a number pad. At the same time my PS4 fan immediately turns on at full blast and is super loud. I tried putting numbers into the new keypad popup window hoping that it would change the fan speed but nothing happened. Then I completely shut down my PS4. The fan turned off. When i powered the PS4 back on, the fan immediately went full blast again. This happens even before i activate the 5.05 hen 2.1 hack. The only thing I was doing was browsing the homebrew store for an hour. It is possible that the PS4 is just cooling itself down, but this is the first time the fan has gone full blast and I was not putting it into heavy load with a game. Plus the fact that it started exactly the same time I pressed the fan control button on the homebrew store. Why is there a fan control button in the homebrew store with no way to turn it off. I wonder if there is a way hard reset the system to make it forget the fan. I dont know. i will try to use PS4 Fan Control with X-Project website tomorrow and see it the payload works. Next time I wont press the fan control button. :lol:
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