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Exploit kernel 4.05 PS4 by SpecterDev

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Exploit kernel 4.05 PS4 by SpecterDev

Post by fidelcastro » Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:07 am

Well, after so much time waiting for PS4 users can finally enjoy your console thanks to the SpecterDev programmer who has decided to make an early gift of kings, their exploit kernel implemented that could launch our backup copies of games and homebrews in our console.


What will we need:

ps4-exploit-host 0.3.1 by Al Azif
ps4-exploit-host 0.2.3 by Al Azif *
4.05 Debug Settings by SpecterDev
Python 2.7.14

for those who have problems with version 0.3.1 in python use the 0.2.3 of ps4 exploit host and
for those who can not find the path to run they must execute the envpython.bat file

Steps to follow:

.- Download the necessary files and extract them on the desktop
.- Install Python 2.7.14
.- Open the extracted folder of ps4-exploit-host and open the payloads folder, copy inside the file debug_settings.bin


.- Now in the ps4-exploit-hots folder run the file
.- Configure the DNS in your ps4, so that the first is the one that marks you when you run the file and the second one is

Once all this is done, go to configuration and load the user guide, then a web window will open showing the load of the exploit asking to wait for it, once finished python will automatically send Debug_Settings.bin so that you do not have to go back to load it every time.

With everything finished press the PS button on the remote and we will configure, do not move down to the option debug settings and we will have the exploit installed and ready to use.

I hope it is pleasant and easy for those who are lucky enough to expect something like this and have their ps4 in 4.05, luck and happy Christmas.


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