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Ps4 Play - Play PS4 Games with Keyboard & Mouse Or Gamepad

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Ps4 Play - Play PS4 Games with Keyboard & Mouse Or Gamepad

Post by Kristijan1001 » Thu Aug 25, 2016 2:05 am


I don't know why this didn't get the attention it needed but its pretty usefull and well made tool.Allows the use of Keyboard and Mouse Or Any other gamepad.It Also it allowes multiple people to play/splitscreen mode using any gamepad or keyboard and mouse.It has,Mouse can have own profiles,they also mention gpc scripts for the future.
Worth mentioning The app is still in beta.
My feedback on it that it's really good i have been playing Destiny with Mouse and Keyboard For 2 Days Works Flawlessly No Lag At All-If anyone want's my config or if you can make a better one specially for Destiny i would appricaite it if u PM me with the Config File,I will provide mine down below (Tip: Start remoteplay and switch over to your Ps4 Screen)

Here is some info from the official website:
PS4PLAY: The world first PS4 software available for free forever! Connect PC and PS4 via ethernet or wifi, no original PS4 controller needed. Play games with keyboard, mouse, racing wheel or any other USB device you have to get the best experience possible. Click to download the user guide for more information.
TIP: PS4PLAY can support multiple players with any USB joypad, refer to the user guide for details
Source And Download:

Official Guide:

My Destiny Config If Your Interested - Place in mouse_param Folder (In-Game Sensitivity Set To 5)
For the ones who are Paranoid: ... 472089927/

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