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PS4 Hack available in Brazil

News and rumors about the PS4
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PS4 Hack available in Brazil

Post by caiosc » Tue May 12, 2015 8:45 pm

This site (which is a very reliable site in Brazil) is claiming that some brazilian stores are hacking PS4. I'll post here the link and try to translate below for those who don't speak portuguese (I translated with google and tried to correct some sentences).

As I don't have a PS4, I haven't tested this myself (and wouldn't, because this is piracy), but, again, this is a reliable website. ... brasil.htm

For prices starting from $ 300, piracy comes to PlayStation 4 in Brazil

As usual, the surroundings March 25 street, in downtown São Paulo, were crowded with people. There are various shops and galleries that sell thousands of products at affordable prices. The region is also known for marketing products of dubious origin. It was there that the UOL games found at least four technical assitances that claim to unlock the PlayStation 4.

Amid mobile phones, tablets and video games, platelets appear with the words "Unlocking the PlayStation 4 R$ 400."

I ask the attendant of the stores if the PS4 is unlocked and he confirms with a nod. "But unlocking it? Is it not shared account?". He responds promptly: "It is not account sharing, it is unlocking (hacking), really.


The accounts sharing scheme existed for some time, however, Sony limits the number of consoles that can have their accounts shared. Currently you can share your PS4's account within two games. Thus, groups of friends gather to buy games and split the bill in three persons. That is, a game like "Mortal Kombat X" can be purchased for R $84.

How it works

"You let your game here and we put 10 games on your HD", begins to explain the attendant. "We put a chip on your board PS4, we connect our laptop to the chip, format the hard drive and copyvideo games. After that, we remove the chip and deliver the device," he says. Simple like that.

The seller shows such a chip, which is nothing less than a Raspberry Pi. It is a microcomputer of the size of a match box, and can be programmed to do many things, including such a "release" PlayStation 4.

According to the employee, using a special program and the "chip", technicians can make you play any game of the PlayStation 4. More than that, the games can be updated normally and to work in multiplayer. "You can play online and even Sony will know if you are playing an original game or not," promises. The procedure usually takes at least three days.

In another shop, which charges R$ 300 for unlocking, the seller was offering more games and explained the system in a more convincing manner. "What we do is turn a PS4 into a clone of another PS4. The layout copy [data] bios and processor and replicates in other video games. So everything a PS4 purchase, can be copied to another. This scheme cloning is much better than shared account, because you buy every game for R$ 30, R$ 35, "calculates the seller.

The seller then warns that the video hard disk will be formatted, so everything is installed must be downloaded again on PSN, official network of PlayStation 4. Made the process, you get the game back to the installed games.

NOT UNLOCKING, BUT IS PIRACY (in Brazil, to hack a device is called "unlocking")

This cloning system allows the service to buy the game just once, but to replicate it in hundreds of other consoles - and as there is practically no expenditure on parts and the like, the release ends up becoming very lucrative for service .

But will it work? Yes

It was at this store, by R$ 300, the UOL Games has left a PS4 to be unlocked with a delivery time for there five days. "We have many devices to do," said the clerk, "Every day has gotten a 10 'Play 4' to make the scheme, there is a row," said the seller.

I went to pick up the machine and the power it still in the store, I noticed that there were two registered accounts. "They [the accounts] are part of the unlocking. They can not be erased by that if you do this, the games will be deleted as well, "he explained the same seller.

The seller initiated "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare", which functioned normally, and then "FIFA 15", which also rolled as an original copy.

The hack is normally sold with a predetermined number of games. If the consumer wants some other game in the future, we must take the PS4 to the store and pay $ 50 for each title - not bad, considering that the original games currently spend of £ 200 each.

Business in China? No, Russia

According to the seller, the release scheme PlayStation 4 has been created in Russia. "And you can speak Russian?" I asked. "No, but it does have website translation".

With the game in hand it was time to do more tests. Some days of testing later, the games continued to operate normally, including upgrading and multiplayer.

Cloning a PlayStation 4 any one of the UOL Games consoles, was made ​​with 12 games, including quite popular titles like "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare," "FIFA 15", "PES 2015", "Bloodborne" and "Mortal Kombat X ".

If they were bought in the formal market, the games would cost at least R $ 1,700, ie the scheme saved, at least about R$ 1,400.

On the machine there is virtually no more room for new games - are left only 50 GB of free space.

What did Sony tell?

We look for Sony to talk about it and clarify what are the possible sanctions that the company may take against a user to use the unlocking service. The company, however, did not answer any of the questions.

Therefore, it is unclear whether and when the scheme enthusiasts may face sanctions such as a ban on PSN, if detected in future PS4 system updates.

The UOL Games put the PlayStation 4 unlocked available to Sony, since the procedure was performed for strictly journalistic purposes. If the company does not want to collect the console, accounts and games will be deleted.
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