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PSNow gets a decent subscription service.

News and rumors about the PS4
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PSNow gets a decent subscription service.

Post by zoraktorok » Mon Jan 05, 2015 6:32 pm

Ripped from the psblog I am happy to say that starting January 13th ,in the US region, Ps4 players will have backwards comatibility for a price. We already had the option but for prices like 4.99 for hours and 10.00 for two days, no one seemed to care. I tried galagaDX and God of war just to see how well it worked... but that may change. 14.99 gives you a month access to all PSNow games while 44.99 gives you three. I couldnt see it going any lower than that... Some will add it up and complain about the years total cost... Their right to do so, but look at it like this: We get alot of DEAD months right? For less than a 1/4 of a ps4 game you can play titles you missed and grab some trophies instead of spending the full amount on a crappy game such as Rise of the Dark Spark <----- my loss for not paying attention to reviews.

I dont plan on having an ongoing subscription but I will for sure opt in a few times. Having missed dead space 2/3 and RE 6.... Im sure there is a massive ammount more. I just want Pacman DX though :->

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