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Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 4:52 am
Hey wololo forum!

Great site just about the thing i love most! GAMING! anyway. I have been using PlayStation since they brought out the PlayStation 1 back in the day. Ever since i have played or owned every console they made and i can not say a bad thing about them. Now the PlayStation 4 is on sale everywhere and really cheap going at next to nothing in the Christmas sales!

Anyway i wan't the new GTA game Cheap from this site here to go with my New PS4 but there are a few question i have. First off do you have to pay for online now? I know the old PS3 was free online gaming!
Now the main one, i was scrolling through YouTube the other day when i came across GTA 5 and modding. I seen everything from meteor showers to the hulk smashing the place up. This became very appealing to me the more i watched. What i was wondering is, is it possible to mod up GTA 5 of the PlayStation or is it strictly for PC games only?
If so have any of you guys got any experience in Modding??

Looking forward to speaking with you all!!


Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 6:52 am
by fate6
Yes the online is paid now sadly and no you can't mod on PS4 since there are no hax for the system itself that would enable it, PC only for now.
Well there is 1.76 hax but it used for running linux on it plus no online at that firmware.


Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 7:48 am
I had a feeling that this was going to be the answer!! Lets say i get the PC game what kind of specs would me PC need to run the game successfully? and the mods successfully also?