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Ps3 Cecha01 list of question sorry guys.

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Ps3 Cecha01 list of question sorry guys.

Post by RAZ_DAZ »

Roommate of mine just got his hand on a ps3 from a work friend.

I checked it out and to my surprise it is the cecha01 or first gen with ps2 game play capability.

I wanted to research for him a couple things.

1. how much of a HDD upgrade can i go?
I have a 500gb HDD and a 1tb HDD from off a burned out xbox one. I use it for external storage but I rarely use it. Wondering if I can drop it in the PS3 for media storage.

2. Can I do a HFW (hybrid firmware) on a gen 1 ps3?
I have been out of the loop working and school, changing jobs now I will have time on my hand which is much needed because I am about done with school I want to push to finish everything a bit early with school. I want to get back into the ps3 scene and I see that HFW is capable with all PS3 model.

3. What tool do I need to HFW?
Again out of the scene, a lot of google research shows 2016, 2008 information and a requirement of teenys++2.0. Do i still need this or is it just straight forward??

4. Dumb question I know but can i still manage to use a ps4 controller on the ps3??
I know this is numb to ask but his work friend does not have a ps3 controller, gamestop in my town has no ps3 controller and other gaming store has them but not on the shelves. Can I use the ps4 controller on the ps3 or just go and get one on ebay.
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